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Rome, Day 3

I got up early, had breakfast alone and caught a bus to Plaza de Spagna. Had investigated the day before about cashing a check at American Embassy. Was there promptly at 9 when the doors opened, passport ready, & had no trouble getting travelers’ checks.

Had my hair done at Elizabeth Ardens – moderately conservative – met Harry and shopped. Bought glasses at Peroniyep...still open. A German-style beer garden - & browsed thru several other places.

Ate lunch at the hotel, rested, and about 5, Harry and I walked to the Grand to see the ChasesI'm guessing this is George and Eleanor Chase. After a little visit, we returned and dressed for the evening & met them at Doney’s and Bill Moss appeared again and Harry chased down Harry & Gloria Tennison & made arrangements to meet later.

We had dinner at Da Meo PataccaaIn July 1959 Remington Olmsted, an American actor and Roman by adoption, conceived and founded Meo Patacca and three other successful restaurants, turning a dream into reality: to recreate the atmosphere of a 19th century Roman tavern. In the splendid backdrop of Trastevere, the enterprising 'sor Remy' founded 'Da Meo Patacca', the typical restaurant that still looks onto the enchanting Piazza dei Mercanti, a small historic and architectural jewel of medieval Rome., an outdoor restaurant in Trasavere. Music, singing, balloons floating above the table each fastened to a wine caraffe – very gay & colorful. A man charged by on a horse regularly and eventually, they bedecked the horse with flowers & ribbons, hitched him to a cart and paraded around. Fun.

I made friends with two young couples at the next table and altho we couldn’t understand each other, we presented each other with gifts at parting.

On to Basilica Ulpia, a wonderful location near the “wedding cake” (Victor Emanuel monument) and some ruins. But it was a disappointment – the downstairs was closed, the balcony hot and we were practically the only people there.

Went by Trevi FountainThe original legend says that if you throw a coin into the Trevi – with your back to the fountain, throwing the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder – that will ensure a return to Rome. However, I'm not sure it worked in mother's case as I can't recall her taking any more trips there. to toss our coins in so we’ll be sure of returning and then to the downstairs bar at the Excelsior to meet Harry Tennison. Grand visit with him over drinks – they are on their way to Africa to safari.

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