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Bon Voyage!

After breakfast, we packed and Harry went to pick up his Leica while I did some more visiting with the staff: Iva Kay, Dorothy Parr, Ene Swayze. I’d seen Kay Bailey, Bea Kessler, Mae, Miss Wilcox the day before – they all made me feel so welcome.

We lunched in the Waldorf _?_ which was most attractively decorated and afterwards Kelly picked us up in a borrowed Rolls Royce (Steve Bottsford’s) and took us to the pier.

The excitement there was beyond description – and contagious. We boarded, found our stateroom (B.76), ordered set-ups and had some drinks. Besides Kelly, Gibbi Richardson and her son, Kent, and Thalia Barbara Smith joined us. It was quite festive but ended too quickly as they asked all visitors to get off about an hour before sailing. The steward came 2 or 3 times with telegrams and we had a long letter from Rosie (we’d had one from Kathleen at the hotel – also one from Suzanne Ensey).

As the tugs moved the Queen Elizabeth out into the Hudson, I didn’t even feel the motion. By the time I got up to the boat deck, we were well out into the River, we watched the Pilot get off, and slowly steamed past the city. We sailed promptly at 5 – (the band playing, confetti falling but I’d missed this part) and at six, there was a life boat drill so we didn’t get to see the Statue of Liberty except from a great distance. To recover from the strain (it was dreadfully hot with the heavy life belts on) the four of us collapsed into big comfortable chairs and had some drinks in the bar.

After some rest and freshening up, we dined and I was so sleepy I could barely get through dinner. A Lou Ambler from New Jersey and Kay Richmon of N.Y.C. were at our table for the one evening only. Even tho’ we were so tired, it was difficult to sleep. Harry was still hot and seemed to spend a good part of the night with his head out the window watching the water. At about midnight, because of heavy fog, the fog horn started blowing and this didn’t help. I was sore from all the walking in N.Y., I suppose, and tossed all night.

The time is advanced 20 minutes 3 times a day (5pm, 11pm, and 2am) – the clock in our stateroom does this automatically.

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