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Innsbruck to Linderhof, Neuschwanstein & Munich

We were off early, driving over a mountain pass to Garmisch. Again, narrow roads & lots of traffic – cars, bicyclists, hikers. Ever since we went into Switzerland, we’ve seen people of all ages & both sexes dressed for hiking – boots, sox, knickers, packs strapped on back – and these people really believe in walking. As a matter of fact, even I can now walk for a couple of hours without collapsing. At first, my calves were awfully sore, but are in good “shape” now.

Through little villages with pictues printing on the hourses, to Garmisch, where we stopped to change the Austrian shillings to German marks, to drink our first Lowenbrau, & get directions to the castles. Garmisch looked so new & fresh – perhaps rebuilt? Flowers still vivid in gardens & window boxes as in Switzerland & Austria – we never tire of admiring them.

We got to Linderhof at noon, ate lunch at the cafe there, & spent a couple of hours looking at the gardens, fountains, grotto, without going into the castle itself – time was running short. We had thought we would have a short drive this day with plenty of time to stop by these two castles on our way to Munich but it turned out to be a long & hard day of driving.

Neuschwanstein is only about 10 miles from Linderhoff but you have to circle around – for about 30 miles. We finally arrived at the picture-book castle of Neuschwanstein & were so late that we only looked at it from below, while having a beer. It is lovely from a distance – but no one had told us you had to walk up to it – high in the sky.

So we had to leave – it was still hours to Munich – and it was a tiring drive, even tho’ at times the speedometer registered 120 (kilometres, about 70 mph) – it was 7 o’clock before we arrived in Munich.

We found our hotel, the Deutsche Hof, right next to the terminal – again – both being very new. The hotel was one year old, 15 stories, and the most modern imaginable. We had the best room of the whole trip – and were in it for the shortest length of time.

We were to go to the Hofbrauhaus as guests of Mr. Starr & we got there (via taxi) a little after 8. We went upstairs to an enormous room filled with tables where a German band was playing. The music & singing & waving steins in the air was contagious – very informal festive atmosphere. The steins were enormous – it took both hands to get one to the mouth – yet the waitresses carried six in each hand. We were to have two steins but couldn’t finish even one. We had a most delicious meal – roast lamb with a salad – evidently especially prepared for us – no one else was served it. All the while there was music, singing, clapping as the Hall filled up with people. It had been a long day, tho’, and we left after a couple of hours.

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