Aug 23, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments


I’m rather embarrassed at being so verbose that I needed another notebook. I never dreamed before leaving Waco that I’d have time and the desire to write so much.

I found a stationary store & bought this book – on my way to the Beauty Parlor. I had an appointment for 9am and at 11 o’clock was thru. Met Harry and we found another J.A. Henkels store & bought some more knives & scissors. Walked over to the “Trink HalleBuilt between 1839 and 1842, the Trinkhalle is a 300-feet-long pump room that features fourteen frescoes depicting legends about Baden-Baden. The Trinkhalle (drinking hall) hosts the tourist information office and one of Baden-Baden's thermal springs, the Friedrichsquelle. Hot spring water is constantly running from the tap and may be taken for free. ” [sic] for a glass of mineral water, walked by the casino where a concert was in progress outdoors.

Had lunch at the hotel after which Harry & I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the sack – I was dead for sleep. Allen & Jeannette took the car and went for a ride but we caught up on sleep, washing, manicuring, etc. Harry really has been good about doing his washing – he has so much more than I do, he’s always having to do another basin – say’s he’ll have dishpan hands by the time he gets home.

After martinis inn the room, we went to the Casino for dinner – with “ZimmerI'm pretty sure she's referring to 'zither' music, not 'zimmer'” music. The casino roulette tables got all the money back that we’d won the night before – so to soothe our feelings we danced & had drinks. The people here, for the most part, were very well dressed, high class looking – all Europeans.

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