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Baden-Baden to Heidelburg

We got away from Baden-Baden about 10:30 and had a swift drive on the autobahn to Heidelburg. The hotel was the ShreiderMark Twain and his family came to Heidelburg & the Hotel Shreider for a day in 1978 and stayed for 3 months., on Bismark Platz, right in the middle of town. After lunch, we drove up to the Castle and saw the “Grosse Fosse” – largest barrel in the world. Walked around the terraces & thru the museum. Much of the castle is in ruins The castle was not a WWII casualty but rather destroyed by a fire caused by a lightning strike in 1537 and during the 30 years war in the late 1600's.and was rather depressing – to me.

We came down off the mountain & Harry & I got out & walked the length of the main street, the Haupt Strasse, looking for a wine press. I found some pretty candles to buy as gifts & he finally found his press.

Herr & Fraulein Helbig, Franz’s parentsFrank was a foreign exchange student that Allen, Jeannette & Bill hosted for a year. He has remained lifelong friends of the family., came to the hotel at 6. They were very attractive & could both speak some English – so we were all very gay & friendly. They & the Early’s exchanged gifts.

At their suggestion we ate dinner at the Perkes Hotel on Haupt Strasse – very good food & much beer. Every time a new barrel is opened, the lion roars. Then we went to a Student Inn by the University Founded in 1387, Heidelberg is Germany's oldest university– very old. It was small & crowded but lots of fun. Harry & I left the others & rode back to the hotel on a trolley.

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