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Wiesbaden to Cologne

Our steamer left around 9 o’clock – it’s a big thing – holds 2,000 passengers. The trip from Wiesbaden to Koblenz takes 4 hours – and the sun was out, making it a thoroughly delightful, scenic & resful trip. We had a map of the Rhine so could identify most of the castles, ruins & towns we passed.

Harry got on the boat hungry – even tho’ we’d had the Continental breakfast – and immediately ordered a sandwich and wine. He ate again with the rest of us at noon.

We were met at Koblenz & rushed to the train station by one of the wildest drivers we’d had. The train was about 40 minutes late – the first time that had happened in Europe so I found a comfortable head rest on the luggage & in the middle of all crowds & trains, caught a few minutes’ nap.

Allen and I continued our gin game aboard the train. I’d gotten ahead of him so he was trying to catch up.

In Cologne (or Koln), we simply walked across the street to the hotel, we were so close to the station. Our room however had a view of the river but the Early’s was on the tracks.

We finally had news from home – Kacka wasn’t able to stay because of her father’s critical condition, so Mrs. Bartley is staying onMrs. Bartley was staying on to take care of ME. I was 2 1/2 years old when they took this trip.. I haven’t heard from Serena in ages but Bud & Nelwyn have been very good about writing. We also had letters from JoBetsy & Kathleen today & had heard from Rosie in Baden-Baden.

Our hotel, the Minerva, is around the block from the Cathedral. We went directly to it, found an outdoor cafe right in front of it & had refreshments & looked at it for a while.

Being so near the station, it had had a lot of damage & they were still repairing it. We walked through it & saw more evidence of damage – very few old stained glass windows.

After dinner, we walked back to see the lights on the Cathedral – very well done.

We went to bed early – we must be partied out – no one was in the mood to do anything.

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