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London, Day 2

This was another hot day – up to 85° – and it really was hot in the sun. Harry and I shopped all morning – wandered through Selfridge’s, then to Bond Street to look at antique jewelry. Found a store on Hanover Street with a lot to choose from. I bought a charm for Kacka and a pin for myself – both antique.

We stopped for a beer at a table outside – the sign said “Licensed” but had had to order food to get beer served. So Harry obliged – he’s always willing to help out. But his reward was from a pigeon perched above us – it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened before, as many pigeons as we’ve seen all over Europe.

We went back to the hotel and Harry & Allen went to see part of a cricket game before the afternoon tour.

Jeannette and I had lunch and met them at the sightseeing office. We visited St. Paul’s Cathedral & the Tower of London. There were so many people waiting in line to see the Crown Jewels & it was so hot, we decided not to wait to see them.

Instead we went into the white Tower – a museum for a while. Took some pictures of the “Beef-Eater” guards and one of me standing by one in a tall bearskin hat. [too bad that picture is nowhere to be found]

Back at the hotel, Harry & I bathed & rested & had sandwiches sent up. We met the Early’s at the theater at Piccadilly Circus – the theater was underground, much to our surprise – small & rather stuffy. But we saw such a cute play, “The Irregular Verb to Love,” a comedy with very clever lines – most enjoyable. After a drink in a nearby bar, we caught a bus back to the hotel.

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