Sep 4, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

On Board, Day 4

Weather cleared today getting warmer & stickier. The girls helped us work on the days quiz all morning & we also had a bridge game going. A nap after lunch while Harry went to the movie. Sat in the deck chair for an hour or so – surprisingly, it is very dirty as the smoke blows over us, dropping wet soot, blackening clothes & ruining hose – stockings simply start running for no apparent reason. I started out with one dozen pair and have three left unused.

A bath, drinks, dinner & bingo – we only played one time, the “Snowball”, with the winner getting 50 pounds – or $140. We didn’t win of course. Harry went on to bed early but I stayed up with the “girls” until Marianna finally attracted a man – and we left her with him.

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