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Final Day!

It was so hot & sticky I had the bright idea of having a swim. It was delightfully refreshing. I packed – we had arranged to have our bags taken off separately so had not had to have them ready the night before.

It was foggy & terribly humid all morning – and we were barely moving. At one point it was announced that we would anchor at Ambrose Lighthouse at 11:30 and stay there until the fog lifted. This might mean having to wait until the late tide and docking at 9 o’clock instead of 2:30pm. We did anchor but it cleared and we slowly steamed past Long Island, past the Statue of Liberty into the Hudson. The first view of the city was so exciting, I could barely leave the railing. The tugs whistled, people waved, the fire boat saluted with a huge spray of water.

I ate hurriedly & as people were already lining up on B deck to get off, we did too. The heat there & on the pier was terrific. Harry grabbed a customs official as soon as our bags appeared & I called Braniff about our reservations. The customs inspector was thorough – he went into every bag & both cartons – but was very nice.

The porter situation was impossible so there was no choice but to carry the stuff ourselves. We managed some how & finally got out the gate, found someone to help us get downstairs & into a taxi. It was then about 3:30 and it took us an hour to get to Idlewild – traffic was heavy.

We made it to the deck just in time but they rushed us through so fast, we didn’t have time to call home or telegraph – and they didn’t have time to weigh all our luggage – with wine press & all, it must have weighed 200 lbs.

We were both breathless and exhausted from the effort – and then the plane sat on the ground for 30 minutes before taking off – with no air conditioning.

Drinks were served immediately however and were never needed worse. Then a grand dinner which I enjoyed – and which Harry couldn’t even look at.

Golly it was wonderful to get to Texas. We called Allen to borrow a car & took a taxi out to their house. Stayed long enough for Harry to eat something & then started home.

Arrived here at 9:30 – Serena bouncing out to welcome us, Gus, the cat, then Mrs. Bartley & Fay. Bud & Nelwyn came over with a bottle of champagne to put a perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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