Over the course of her life, my mother kept diaries of her trips. This started in 1933 when, at the age of 11, she went to the Chicago World’s Fair with a friend. She saved them all and, when my dad was in failing health and bed-ridden, she read them aloud to him.

I’ve kept them, of course, but was just at a loss as to what to ‘do’ with them. Recently my cousin, Ted, and his wife Karen, brought some photographs that his grandparents had taken during a grand tour of Europe taken with my parents in 1961. The idea for this blog popped into my head during that visit and I decided to collect the diaries into an online blog for me, my sister and children to enjoy. If nothing else, I find the accounts interesting for the slice of the time period they present. I’ll include historical footnotes as well as my own comments as this progresses.

Please feel free to comment and fill in any blanks in the historical record.