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Jul 28, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

QE, Day 2

Awakened too late for breakfast in the dining room but it seems you can have anything you want in your stateroom – the steward insisted. He’s very nice. Incidentally when the trays came, we saw our room stewardess for the first time.

I went to the beauty parlor at 10:00 and had my hair done a new way – so fancy I couldn’t comb it and made an for 6 to have it done.

Found the others playing gin rummy in the Garden Lounge (also nice for seeing the scenery). We played some while having drinks before lunch. What a life – Harry and I read and slept all afternoon.

The four of us were invited to a cocktail party in the ballroom – the 2 staff pursers and social directors do this every night. Nice to meet some of the other foreigners.

At dinner, we had sirloin steak and the pièce de résistance, Baked Alaska, which was heavenly. Saw a good movie with Danny Kaye after which we watched the floor show, the auction for the ship’s pool (we didn’t enter – it sometimes was as high as 100 pounds).

The orchestra moves upstairs after midnight to the Veranda Grill which is open to all 1st class passengers, so we did too. It is like a night club and we understood got lively towards morning. We, however, left around 2:30. Harry and I prowled around the decks and down to the cabin class but could find no activity.

Again we couldn’t sleep and at 4, took sleeping pills. Then the ship began to really roll making it more difficult to sleepIn 1955 during an annual overhaul at Southampton, England, Queen Elizabeth was fitted with underwater fin stabilizers to smooth the ride in rough seas. Two fins were fitted on each side of the hull. The fins were retractable into the hull to save fuel in smooth seas and for docking.. The roll accounts for my very poor writing now. Actually the waves don’t appear to be very high tho’ we can see white caps but there is (are) ground swells which cause the rolling.

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Aug 3, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Paris, Day 3

I got up and dressed and left Harry sleeping while I went to the breakfast room for the usual coffee & rolls. Sat with a young Spanish woman with 6-year-old daughter. We conversed in French – it was hysterical.

I had my hair done in the beauty parlor near the hotel, Joffo’s, & came out looking very odd, but very Parisienne. Harry was still abed, mal a tete from too much wine so I went on to the Champs Elysees by bus. I walked from the Rond Poinit clear to the Arch de Triomphe – quite a way. Met the South African (Britishers) couple, the Barries, and they walked part way with me. I crossed the Etoile – quite an accomplishment with all that traffic, bought a tickets, went by elevator to the top. It was a beautiful day & tho’ I wasn’t familiar enough with the landmarks to pick out many, it was a gorgeous sight – especially the 12 boulevards which come into the Arch – Etoile.

I walked to Forquet’s & met Allen & Jeannette for drinks & lunch. Harry found us in a little while. We all had cheese omelets & mixed green salad. Saw Red Buttons at an adjoining table but didn’t recognize anyone else – it’s supposed to be a fashionable spot for celebrities, business men, etc.

We returned to the hotel by cab and we were moved to still another room – the fourth we’d been in in Paris – a different one each night.

The bus for the tour picked us up – this was “Old Paris” – the Louvre, Ile de Cite, Latin Quarter, Luxenbourg, Sorbonne, Place de Bastille & Montmartre. We (J & I) enjoyed Notre Dame again with a guide. Harry and Allen were enjoying a bar. We were glad to go again to Montmartre & sit in the square. We were all dead tired and rested before meeting in Allen’s room for drinks. Mrs. Abeel & Hugh joined us. After looking forward to Le Petet Bedon (Bill Abeel’s suggestion) the concierge hadn’t made reservations. We returned to Fouquet’s, had a very elegant meal upstairs and only had to cross the Champs Elysees to the Lido. The place was packed but the show began immediately. I was very good – many bare breasts, beautiful costumes & elaborate staging – in sequence – stairs, an ice rink, a pool for a seal, revolving trapezes, even horses. Drank champagne – we had more than we could finish. Enjoyed a British couple sitting next to us from Birmingham.

Late as we were getting home, the men wanted to prowl the streets. Harry said later that business must have been poor that night ’cause they had many solicitations.

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Aug 4, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Paris to Avignon

This was one morning we both got up early to pack & dress & eat. I went down to the beauty parlor & had my hair brushed out and redone.

We four met and caught a bus to the Louvre and with the Holiday book in hand, took a very brief tour thru. Saw the Winged Victory, Venus, some frescos of Fra Angelio, Botticelli, the Grand Gallery- Raphael, da Vinci (Mona Lisa), Medici gallery. On our way out – after only an hour, I just happened on the 2 Slaves of Michelangelo – thrilled to pieces over seeing them.

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We had a hasty lunch at sidewalk cafe at hotel and left for Gare de Lyons. Had to carry our own bags halfway to train before getting a porter. Found our car (not a Pullman afterall) and had a restful trip (6 hours) to Avignon – lovely countryside again – fascinating to watch. Bill and JoannThis would be Bill Abeel and his wife. Bill was a childhood and lifelong friend of dad's. He lived in San Francisco and was very successful. His mother is the 'Mrs. Abeel' referred to in Paris.  met us in his Citroen, took us to Hotel d’Europe for an aperitif (vin blanc Chassis) and a brief tour of Avignon & a long drive thru countryside to Le Mas St. siste. We sat in the courtyard for drinks, had dinner upstairs in dining room (above kitchen) – many courses, much wine and conversation. Le Mas is charming – old and quaint – much is unfinished but much has been done.

To bed very late to the sound of Bill’s playing guitar – he’s very accomplished – the setting was very romantic.

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Aug 11, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Rome, Day 3

I got up early, had breakfast alone and caught a bus to Plaza de Spagna. Had investigated the day before about cashing a check at American Embassy. Was there promptly at 9 when the doors opened, passport ready, & had no trouble getting travelers’ checks.

Had my hair done at Elizabeth Ardens – moderately conservative – met Harry and shopped. Bought glasses at Peroniyep...still open. A German-style beer garden - http://www.anticabirreriaperoni.net/storia_en.htm & browsed thru several other places.

Ate lunch at the hotel, rested, and about 5, Harry and I walked to the Grand to see the ChasesI'm guessing this is George and Eleanor Chase. After a little visit, we returned and dressed for the evening & met them at Doney’s and Bill Moss appeared again and Harry chased down Harry & Gloria Tennison & made arrangements to meet later.

We had dinner at Da Meo PataccaaIn July 1959 Remington Olmsted, an American actor and Roman by adoption, conceived and founded Meo Patacca and three other successful restaurants, turning a dream into reality: to recreate the atmosphere of a 19th century Roman tavern. In the splendid backdrop of Trastevere, the enterprising 'sor Remy' founded 'Da Meo Patacca', the typical restaurant that still looks onto the enchanting Piazza dei Mercanti, a small historic and architectural jewel of medieval Rome., an outdoor restaurant in Trasavere. Music, singing, balloons floating above the table each fastened to a wine caraffe – very gay & colorful. A man charged by on a horse regularly and eventually, they bedecked the horse with flowers & ribbons, hitched him to a cart and paraded around. Fun.

I made friends with two young couples at the next table and altho we couldn’t understand each other, we presented each other with gifts at parting.

On to Basilica Ulpia, a wonderful location near the “wedding cake” (Victor Emanuel monument) and some ruins. But it was a disappointment – the downstairs was closed, the balcony hot and we were practically the only people there.

Went by Trevi FountainThe original legend says that if you throw a coin into the Trevi – with your back to the fountain, throwing the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder – that will ensure a return to Rome. However, I'm not sure it worked in mother's case as I can't recall her taking any more trips there. to toss our coins in so we’ll be sure of returning and then to the downstairs bar at the Excelsior to meet Harry Tennison. Grand visit with him over drinks – they are on their way to Africa to safari.

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