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Aug 21, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Innsbruck to Linderhof, Neuschwanstein & Munich

We were off early, driving over a mountain pass to Garmisch. Again, narrow roads & lots of traffic – cars, bicyclists, hikers. Ever since we went into Switzerland, we’ve seen people of all ages & both sexes dressed for hiking – boots, sox, knickers, packs strapped on back – and these people really believe in walking. As a matter of fact, even I can now walk for a couple of hours without collapsing. At first, my calves were awfully sore, but are in good “shape” now.

Through little villages with pictues printing on the hourses, to Garmisch, where we stopped to change the Austrian shillings to German marks, to drink our first Lowenbrau, & get directions to the castles. Garmisch looked so new & fresh – perhaps rebuilt? Flowers still vivid in gardens & window boxes as in Switzerland & Austria – we never tire of admiring them.

We got to Linderhof at noon, ate lunch at the cafe there, & spent a couple of hours looking at the gardens, fountains, grotto, without going into the castle itself – time was running short. We had thought we would have a short drive this day with plenty of time to stop by these two castles on our way to Munich but it turned out to be a long & hard day of driving.

Neuschwanstein is only about 10 miles from Linderhoff but you have to circle around – for about 30 miles. We finally arrived at the picture-book castle of Neuschwanstein & were so late that we only looked at it from below, while having a beer. It is lovely from a distance – but no one had told us you had to walk up to it – high in the sky.

So we had to leave – it was still hours to Munich – and it was a tiring drive, even tho’ at times the speedometer registered 120 (kilometres, about 70 mph) – it was 7 o’clock before we arrived in Munich.

We found our hotel, the Deutsche Hof, right next to the terminal – again – both being very new. The hotel was one year old, 15 stories, and the most modern imaginable. We had the best room of the whole trip – and were in it for the shortest length of time.

We were to go to the Hofbrauhaus as guests of Mr. Starr & we got there (via taxi) a little after 8. We went upstairs to an enormous room filled with tables where a German band was playing. The music & singing & waving steins in the air was contagious – very informal festive atmosphere. The steins were enormous – it took both hands to get one to the mouth – yet the waitresses carried six in each hand. We were to have two steins but couldn’t finish even one. We had a most delicious meal – roast lamb with a salad – evidently especially prepared for us – no one else was served it. All the while there was music, singing, clapping as the Hall filled up with people. It had been a long day, tho’, and we left after a couple of hours.

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Aug 24, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Baden-Baden to Heidelburg

We got away from Baden-Baden about 10:30 and had a swift drive on the autobahn to Heidelburg. The hotel was the ShreiderMark Twain and his family came to Heidelburg & the Hotel Shreider for a day in 1978 and stayed for 3 months., on Bismark Platz, right in the middle of town. After lunch, we drove up to the Castle and saw the “Grosse Fosse” – largest barrel in the world. Walked around the terraces & thru the museum. Much of the castle is in ruins The castle was not a WWII casualty but rather destroyed by a fire caused by a lightning strike in 1537 and during the 30 years war in the late 1600's.and was rather depressing – to me.

We came down off the mountain & Harry & I got out & walked the length of the main street, the Haupt Strasse, looking for a wine press. I found some pretty candles to buy as gifts & he finally found his press.

Herr & Fraulein Helbig, Franz’s parentsFrank was a foreign exchange student that Allen, Jeannette & Bill hosted for a year. He has remained lifelong friends of the family., came to the hotel at 6. They were very attractive & could both speak some English – so we were all very gay & friendly. They & the Early’s exchanged gifts.

At their suggestion we ate dinner at the Perkes Hotel on Haupt Strasse – very good food & much beer. Every time a new barrel is opened, the lion roars. Then we went to a Student Inn by the University Founded in 1387, Heidelberg is Germany's oldest university– very old. It was small & crowded but lots of fun. Harry & I left the others & rode back to the hotel on a trolley.

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Aug 27, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Cologne to London

We were taken to the airport terminal by Cadillac, then to the airport by bus (an hour’s ride). We were to fly tourist class on Lufthansa but the had oversold it and as we were among the last checking in, we were put in first class. It was an hour & half flight to London – we were served coffee or a sandwich, given a bottle of Schnapps, a newspaper, our post cards were mailed free. Also a duty-free wagon was wheeled by with cigarettes, perfume, whiskey, etc. We had bought cigarettes (Winston) duty free at the airport for $1.75 a carton.

It had been cloudy & raining at Cologne but was clear & sunny in England. Went easily through customs & into town on another bus. Flowers everywhere here as on the continent – baby carriages prolific too. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to their driving on the “wrong” side of the street.

We were met at the terminal and taken to Mount Royal via one of the funny-looking cabs – there is no left hand door & the luggage is put in on that side. Our hotel is near Marble Arch & Hyde Park on Oxford St. – a tremendous hotel & a large room.

We had a sandwich in the room, unpacked & rested, then met the Early’s in the lobby. Rode a double-decker bus to Westminster Bridge – seeing many familiar names on the way. Rode down the Thames on an excursion boat to Greenwich seeing many landmarks along the way. The guide who point out things of interest was as hard to understand as the guides in Paris or Rome – his English wasn’t like ours! Twas Cockney! After the river trip, we caught another bus to the City of London, going thru Strand, Fleet St. to the Bank. But this turned out to be a mistake – the bars don’t open until 7 on Sundays – if at all. We wandered around through an old & interesting part of town – practically alone in the streets & finally found a “pub” open to try our first English beer.

Our destination was Simpsons where Bud had recommended but it was closed on Sunday. We rode a bus back to the Strand – found another pub open – with real character. Still looking for a restaurant, we walked to Leicester Square. It was full of activity – people of all races & types – mixed couples (black & white). Harry wanted chicken so we lucked into a cafeteria, leaving the Early’s to find a ritzier place while we ate.

After eating, we walked to Trafalgar Square to see the monument & fountains lighter. Then by the aid of the map, we rode the subway to Marble Arch, transferring once. The subways are easy to figure out, as are the buses. We must have set some kind of record today – we rode so many different kinds of vehicles.

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Aug 29, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

London, Day 2

This was another hot day – up to 85° – and it really was hot in the sun. Harry and I shopped all morning – wandered through Selfridge’s, then to Bond Street to look at antique jewelry. Found a store on Hanover Street with a lot to choose from. I bought a charm for Kacka and a pin for myself – both antique.

We stopped for a beer at a table outside – the sign said “Licensed” but had had to order food to get beer served. So Harry obliged – he’s always willing to help out. But his reward was from a pigeon perched above us – it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened before, as many pigeons as we’ve seen all over Europe.

We went back to the hotel and Harry & Allen went to see part of a cricket game before the afternoon tour.

Jeannette and I had lunch and met them at the sightseeing office. We visited St. Paul’s Cathedral & the Tower of London. There were so many people waiting in line to see the Crown Jewels & it was so hot, we decided not to wait to see them.

Instead we went into the white Tower – a museum for a while. Took some pictures of the “Beef-Eater” guards and one of me standing by one in a tall bearskin hat. [too bad that picture is nowhere to be found]

Back at the hotel, Harry & I bathed & rested & had sandwiches sent up. We met the Early’s at the theater at Piccadilly Circus – the theater was underground, much to our surprise – small & rather stuffy. But we saw such a cute play, “The Irregular Verb to Love,” a comedy with very clever lines – most enjoyable. After a drink in a nearby bar, we caught a bus back to the hotel.

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