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Aug 23, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments


I’m rather embarrassed at being so verbose that I needed another notebook. I never dreamed before leaving Waco that I’d have time and the desire to write so much.

I found a stationary store & bought this book – on my way to the Beauty Parlor. I had an appointment for 9am and at 11 o’clock was thru. Met Harry and we found another J.A. Henkels store & bought some more knives & scissors. Walked over to the “Trink HalleBuilt between 1839 and 1842, the Trinkhalle is a 300-feet-long pump room that features fourteen frescoes depicting legends about Baden-Baden. The Trinkhalle (drinking hall) hosts the tourist information office and one of Baden-Baden's thermal springs, the Friedrichsquelle. Hot spring water is constantly running from the tap and may be taken for free. ” [sic] for a glass of mineral water, walked by the casino where a concert was in progress outdoors.

Had lunch at the hotel after which Harry & I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the sack – I was dead for sleep. Allen & Jeannette took the car and went for a ride but we caught up on sleep, washing, manicuring, etc. Harry really has been good about doing his washing – he has so much more than I do, he’s always having to do another basin – say’s he’ll have dishpan hands by the time he gets home.

After martinis inn the room, we went to the Casino for dinner – with “ZimmerI'm pretty sure she's referring to 'zither' music, not 'zimmer'” music. The casino roulette tables got all the money back that we’d won the night before – so to soothe our feelings we danced & had drinks. The people here, for the most part, were very well dressed, high class looking – all Europeans.

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Sep 3, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

On Board, Day 3

This was like all other days aboard ship – breakfast in the cabin, coffee while writing in the Smoker Lounge, drinks before dinner, as short nap before going to the Beauty Parlor. The weather is bad tho’ the water isn’t too choppy but frequent rains, fog & clouds rule out sitting in the deck chair. Played Gin Rummy with Ruth Dowd, losing drinks to her. Dressed for dinner & joined Harry & his harem in the bar. A cabaret after dinner was only so-so. Went to bed afterwards.

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