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Aug 19, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Lucerne and Driving to Innsbruck

We awoke before 7 and at 7:15 the man called that he har our car ready – he’d left Weisbaden the night before! We were so tickled with it – a blue-green Opel, fairly new, plenty of room. We packed up and left about 8:30, making a slight detour to see the Lion of Lucerne – which was magnificent! With the help of two maps and the clearly marked roads (I can’t call them highways), we drove across Switzerland to the N.E. There were 2 or 3 mountain passes with beautiful views. We navigated pretty well in spite of the heavy traffic, bicycles, and narrow roads.

In Buchs on the border we stopped for gas just as a wedding procession passed. Several horse drawn carriages bedecked with flowers with wedding couple & guests in native costume. Such excitement!

We crossed the Rhine into Lichenstein where we had lunch at a place called Nendeln, just a couple of miles from Vaduz, the capital. Then on into Austria over more passes, the most interesting being St. Anton where there was still snow  from a recent storm. We got out and took pictures, threw snow balls & marveled at the numbers of German tourists who were running all over the slopes just as excited about the snow as if they’d never seen any.

We had lovely scenery all the way to Innsbruck which is in a valley by the River InnThe river is named Inn. Not to be confused with an inn on a river. with mountains all ’round. A fairly good hotel, the ArlberghofFirst time I have not been able to find an internet reference to a place they stayed. Definitely not one by this name in Innsbruck now., as usual, by the train station – it’s been that way in every town!

Had dinner at the hotel and then drove to the Maria Theresa hotel for a two hour program of folk music – very similar to the Swiss one the night before. We would have been bored if it had not been for the two Austrian men at the table where we were seated. The younger was a medical student at the University here & could speak very good English but it was the older one who amused us as much as the floor show. He was quite a character – laughing, winking, leering & drinking his special wine.

Harry & I dropped the night owl Earlys off at another place so we could get some rest – Harry says he can’t take much more of this night life – but I’ve been holding up pretty well – not getting over tired and as yet, feeling fine.

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Aug 30, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

London, Day 3

We awoke feeling much less tired & after breakfast struck out for Harrod’s. Harry wanted to look at the Sports Dept & I looked at china. It’s a marvelous store – we must have spent an hour looking – and buying – a few odds & ends. Went over to Beauchamp St. and found an antique silver shop where we spent another hour. This man turned out to be a brother of the man we bought from in the silver vaults. Found a tray for Mrs. Spurgin and the flat silver Bud & Nelwyn want – in case they’d like to order it.

Dropped our packages by the hotel & then went to the Old Chessire Cheese for a lunch. It was ‘steeped’ in atmosphere. Dr. Johnson & Dickens had frequented it. We had to wait & in the 3rd floor bar met a family from Newton, Mass – the Sylvesters – who are also going on the Queen Elizabeth. We ate with them – I finally had a kidney pie – it also had beef, mushrooms & venison.

Harry wanted to go to Lillywhite – a sporting goods store at Piccadilly – but we didn’t find anything there – went across the street to a tiny store & found a cute plaid skirt for Serena.

Back to Charing Cross to meet the Early’s & catch a commuter train for Blackheath, near Greenwich, to see JoBetsy’s cousin, Susan Corner Cotton. He is a retired Army Colonel & the only child at home is a 15-year old daughter, Sally. They were so nice – took us to their house for tea & a very pleasant visit.

We got back to town at the peak of the rush hour but managed to get on a bus. The people ‘queue’ up here for buses – and at the rush hours, the sidewalks are lined with long lines. Traffic is heavy at all times. We enjoyed our bus rides, particularly when on the top deck from where you could see more.

After a couple hours rest, Harry & I went to Simpsons on the Strand. The Early’s weren’t feeling up to going with us – and they missed the best meal we had in London – with the best service – and in the nicest atmosphere. The close at 10 so we were home early and got our packing behind us, watching Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in a movie on TV.

I’ve so enjoyed London – it’s a pity to have had such a brief stay. The people were friendly and helpful & it was relaxing not to have to struggle with a foreign language. We saw such attractive people – tho still plenty of wild hair do’s , as in France & Italy – and some very stylish women. The skirts are as short as on the Continent. I suppose the dowdiest we saw were in Germany – the hats were comical!

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Aug 31, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

London – RMS Queen Elizabeth

We were away from the hotel by 9 o’clock and at Waterloo Station in plenty of time to catch the 10:02 boat train to Southhampton. The courier who saw us to the train brought a letter from Serena – the first in 3 weeks – we were so glad to hear from her.

We had a pleasant 1 1/2 hour ride in a compartment with a couple from Long Island, Nathaniel and Muriel Platt, who were also going cabin class.

The boat train goes right to the docks and after a few formalities, we went on board. Our cabin was closet-sized, on the inside, with no bath, upper & lower berths.

We sailed at 3 and had a very smooth crossing to Cherbourg. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we enjoyed sitting in our deck chairs.

We had drinks and dinner with 2 very nice school teachers, Ruth Dowd from N.Y. and Frances Tatum from Gasden, Georgia.

At 9:30 we docked at Cherbourg and we watched for ages the passengers and luggage and the 20 tons of food stuffs being put aboard.

I finally tired and went to bed but Harry watched until we left Cherbourg and he had some drinks in the bar with an Irish priest, yet!

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Sep 1, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

On Board Heading West

We had breakfast in our cabin, a real feat in such a small one. I put on shorts and went on the sun deck for a while. The sun was out only a short while and then we began to run into fog.

I had made an appointment on the Eastbound trip for a massage and at 11 o’clock, went through to the first class. Saw our old steward & stewardess & we greeter each other like old friends.

After lunch we slept all afternoon – what luxury! Went up to the bar before dressing and sat with our school teacher friends & a very attractive young girl from Philadelphia, who was traveling alone. We joined them after dinner at the dance and later, Marianna and Harry and I went to the Tourist Class to see what was going on there. It was miles away at the other end of the ship. We sat with 2 of the ship’s photographers & talked for an hour or so before going to bed.


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