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Sep 2, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

On Board, Day 2

We are sitting at a table for six in the dining room. There are two young girls, one a High School senior & the other in college, from New York City, who have been in France for 2 months studying French. The fifth is a lone man from Venezuela who can’t speak English and consequently contributes nothing. The sixth makes up for him – she is a quite talkative older woman from Wisconsin who is finishing up a 2 month round-the-world cruise.

We ate breakfast in the dining room after which it took me an hour to fill out our declaration form. The weather is mostly bad – continually cloudy & foggy with rain occasionally – too bad to sit outside. After lunch, Harry went to the movie while I napped, & then I went to the movie while he napped. We met our three girl friends in the bar – Frances however is a poor sailor and had to leave us periodically.

After dinner, Harry & I worked on a fancy hat for me to wear in the contest – a cone-shaped hat made of the London Times with passport, Landing card, declaration, luggage sticker, empty check books all fastened to it with safety pins & topped by the U.S. flag (made with lipstick & eye shadow) and one lone dollar bill. It was entitled “Landing Gear” & won 2nd prize, a traveling clock!

We partied with the same 3 girls and the Platts – mostly watching the dancing as it was too difficult to keep our footing.

At midnight each night on the Westbound trip, all clocks are turned back an hour – a little less confusing than the 3 20 minute changes made on the Eastbound trip.

We had a nice surprise at lunch the first day. We received another bar credit from Margaret Barcus – a very welcome gift, broke as we are.

We have learned that the ship won’t dock until 3 o’clock on the 5th making it impossible for us to get a plane to Waco that day. In view of the fact, that we will stop at the Bill Trippets, I’ve been buying in the shop a few little gifts for them. The shop is pretty good – quite a lot of things – and the prices, tho’ probably a little higher than in Europe, are still lower than at home.

We’ve gotten used to our small quarters – I’ve learned to wash out clothes in sections – and we spend a lot more time upstairs – which is good for us. We’ve gotten to know a lot more people. We have to go down the hall to bathe but that really isn’t inconvenient – we do have a toilet and wash basin in the room.

Our room steward & stewardess are very good but the rest of the personnel are way behind those in First Class and the service, tho’ adequate, is not nearly as good. The same things are available but in less glamorous surroundings.

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