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Aug 25, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Heidelburg to Wiesbaden

We were asked to go by the Helbig’s apartment in Ludwigshaven which is across the river from Mannheim. We were ages finding our way but finally found the right address.

Their apartment is a modern one on the main street, nicely furnished (except for the kitchen – no ice box) and has the balcony with the inevitable pots of flowers & plants. They were extremely cordial – offered us several different kinds of wines & liqueurs instead of the coffee we expected – and wanted. They even got in their Volkswagon and showed us the way to the Wiesbaden highway – a good thing too – we could never have found it.

We had crossed the Rhine at Mainz and now the highway paralleled it. Many more factories and much activity on the river. We bought a picnic lunch – bread, cheese, meat & wine – and found a spot on the river to eat. It was a nice day – cloudy occasionally but no rain.

By the time we reached Wiesbaden & located the Hotel Rose, I was thoroughly tired & ready for bed. Rested all afternoon but for the first time, didn’t feel very good. Had one drink – with lots of soda – and a very light supper & went on to the room while the others went to see a little of the town.

Harry had to buy cigarettes for the first time – we’d left the ship with 9 cartons and gave one to Joanne Abeel and they’d lasted until now.

We saw very little of Wiesbaden but our impression is that it is quite a city – wide streets, many large stores – it reminds us of Paris with all the hustle & bustle.

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