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Jul 26, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Bon Voyage!

After breakfast, we packed and Harry went to pick up his Leica while I did some more visiting with the staff: Iva Kay, Dorothy Parr, Ene Swayze. I’d seen Kay Bailey, Bea Kessler, Mae, Miss Wilcox the day before – they all made me feel so welcome.

We lunched in the Waldorf _?_ which was most attractively decorated and afterwards Kelly picked us up in a borrowed Rolls Royce (Steve Bottsford’s) and took us to the pier.

The excitement there was beyond description – and contagious. We boarded, found our stateroom (B.76), ordered set-ups and had some drinks. Besides Kelly, Gibbi Richardson and her son, Kent, and Thalia Barbara Smith joined us. It was quite festive but ended too quickly as they asked all visitors to get off about an hour before sailing. The steward came 2 or 3 times with telegrams and we had a long letter from Rosie (we’d had one from Kathleen at the hotel – also one from Suzanne Ensey).

As the tugs moved the Queen Elizabeth out into the Hudson, I didn’t even feel the motion. By the time I got up to the boat deck, we were well out into the River, we watched the Pilot get off, and slowly steamed past the city. We sailed promptly at 5 – (the band playing, confetti falling but I’d missed this part) and at six, there was a life boat drill so we didn’t get to see the Statue of Liberty except from a great distance. To recover from the strain (it was dreadfully hot with the heavy life belts on) the four of us collapsed into big comfortable chairs and had some drinks in the bar.

After some rest and freshening up, we dined and I was so sleepy I could barely get through dinner. A Lou Ambler from New Jersey and Kay Richmon of N.Y.C. were at our table for the one evening only. Even tho’ we were so tired, it was difficult to sleep. Harry was still hot and seemed to spend a good part of the night with his head out the window watching the water. At about midnight, because of heavy fog, the fog horn started blowing and this didn’t help. I was sore from all the walking in N.Y., I suppose, and tossed all night.

The time is advanced 20 minutes 3 times a day (5pm, 11pm, and 2am) – the clock in our stateroom does this automatically.

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Aug 31, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

London – RMS Queen Elizabeth

We were away from the hotel by 9 o’clock and at Waterloo Station in plenty of time to catch the 10:02 boat train to Southhampton. The courier who saw us to the train brought a letter from Serena – the first in 3 weeks – we were so glad to hear from her.

We had a pleasant 1 1/2 hour ride in a compartment with a couple from Long Island, Nathaniel and Muriel Platt, who were also going cabin class.

The boat train goes right to the docks and after a few formalities, we went on board. Our cabin was closet-sized, on the inside, with no bath, upper & lower berths.

We sailed at 3 and had a very smooth crossing to Cherbourg. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we enjoyed sitting in our deck chairs.

We had drinks and dinner with 2 very nice school teachers, Ruth Dowd from N.Y. and Frances Tatum from Gasden, Georgia.

At 9:30 we docked at Cherbourg and we watched for ages the passengers and luggage and the 20 tons of food stuffs being put aboard.

I finally tired and went to bed but Harry watched until we left Cherbourg and he had some drinks in the bar with an Irish priest, yet!

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Sep 1, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

On Board Heading West

We had breakfast in our cabin, a real feat in such a small one. I put on shorts and went on the sun deck for a while. The sun was out only a short while and then we began to run into fog.

I had made an appointment on the Eastbound trip for a massage and at 11 o’clock, went through to the first class. Saw our old steward & stewardess & we greeter each other like old friends.

After lunch we slept all afternoon – what luxury! Went up to the bar before dressing and sat with our school teacher friends & a very attractive young girl from Philadelphia, who was traveling alone. We joined them after dinner at the dance and later, Marianna and Harry and I went to the Tourist Class to see what was going on there. It was miles away at the other end of the ship. We sat with 2 of the ship’s photographers & talked for an hour or so before going to bed.


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Sep 5, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

Final Day!

It was so hot & sticky I had the bright idea of having a swim. It was delightfully refreshing. I packed – we had arranged to have our bags taken off separately so had not had to have them ready the night before.

It was foggy & terribly humid all morning – and we were barely moving. At one point it was announced that we would anchor at Ambrose Lighthouse at 11:30 and stay there until the fog lifted. This might mean having to wait until the late tide and docking at 9 o’clock instead of 2:30pm. We did anchor but it cleared and we slowly steamed past Long Island, past the Statue of Liberty into the Hudson. The first view of the city was so exciting, I could barely leave the railing. The tugs whistled, people waved, the fire boat saluted with a huge spray of water.

I ate hurriedly & as people were already lining up on B deck to get off, we did too. The heat there & on the pier was terrific. Harry grabbed a customs official as soon as our bags appeared & I called Braniff about our reservations. The customs inspector was thorough – he went into every bag & both cartons – but was very nice.

The porter situation was impossible so there was no choice but to carry the stuff ourselves. We managed some how & finally got out the gate, found someone to help us get downstairs & into a taxi. It was then about 3:30 and it took us an hour to get to Idlewild – traffic was heavy.

We made it to the deck just in time but they rushed us through so fast, we didn’t have time to call home or telegraph – and they didn’t have time to weigh all our luggage – with wine press & all, it must have weighed 200 lbs.

We were both breathless and exhausted from the effort – and then the plane sat on the ground for 30 minutes before taking off – with no air conditioning.

Drinks were served immediately however and were never needed worse. Then a grand dinner which I enjoyed – and which Harry couldn’t even look at.

Golly it was wonderful to get to Texas. We called Allen to borrow a car & took a taxi out to their house. Stayed long enough for Harry to eat something & then started home.

Arrived here at 9:30 – Serena bouncing out to welcome us, Gus, the cat, then Mrs. Bartley & Fay. Bud & Nelwyn came over with a bottle of champagne to put a perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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