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Jul 28, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

QE, Day 2

Awakened too late for breakfast in the dining room but it seems you can have anything you want in your stateroom – the steward insisted. He’s very nice. Incidentally when the trays came, we saw our room stewardess for the first time.

I went to the beauty parlor at 10:00 and had my hair done a new way – so fancy I couldn’t comb it and made an for 6 to have it done.

Found the others playing gin rummy in the Garden Lounge (also nice for seeing the scenery). We played some while having drinks before lunch. What a life – Harry and I read and slept all afternoon.

The four of us were invited to a cocktail party in the ballroom – the 2 staff pursers and social directors do this every night. Nice to meet some of the other foreigners.

At dinner, we had sirloin steak and the pièce de résistance, Baked Alaska, which was heavenly. Saw a good movie with Danny Kaye after which we watched the floor show, the auction for the ship’s pool (we didn’t enter – it sometimes was as high as 100 pounds).

The orchestra moves upstairs after midnight to the Veranda Grill which is open to all 1st class passengers, so we did too. It is like a night club and we understood got lively towards morning. We, however, left around 2:30. Harry and I prowled around the decks and down to the cabin class but could find no activity.

Again we couldn’t sleep and at 4, took sleeping pills. Then the ship began to really roll making it more difficult to sleepIn 1955 during an annual overhaul at Southampton, England, Queen Elizabeth was fitted with underwater fin stabilizers to smooth the ride in rough seas. Two fins were fitted on each side of the hull. The fins were retractable into the hull to save fuel in smooth seas and for docking.. The roll accounts for my very poor writing now. Actually the waves don’t appear to be very high tho’ we can see white caps but there is (are) ground swells which cause the rolling.

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