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Aug 31, 1961 - Europe 1961    No Comments

London – RMS Queen Elizabeth

We were away from the hotel by 9 o’clock and at Waterloo Station in plenty of time to catch the 10:02 boat train to Southhampton. The courier who saw us to the train brought a letter from Serena – the first in 3 weeks – we were so glad to hear from her.

We had a pleasant 1 1/2 hour ride in a compartment with a couple from Long Island, Nathaniel and Muriel Platt, who were also going cabin class.

The boat train goes right to the docks and after a few formalities, we went on board. Our cabin was closet-sized, on the inside, with no bath, upper & lower berths.

We sailed at 3 and had a very smooth crossing to Cherbourg. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we enjoyed sitting in our deck chairs.

We had drinks and dinner with 2 very nice school teachers, Ruth Dowd from N.Y. and Frances Tatum from Gasden, Georgia.

At 9:30 we docked at Cherbourg and we watched for ages the passengers and luggage and the 20 tons of food stuffs being put aboard.

I finally tired and went to bed but Harry watched until we left Cherbourg and he had some drinks in the bar with an Irish priest, yet!

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