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Jul 31, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Setting Out

Texas And Pacific Railway Station Plaza Fort Worth Ft. Worth, HOT
Arrived Ft. Worth with Mr. Potts, Esther and mother a little before 12. Bobby and Vivian met us for lunch at the Texan and brought me a corsage. Polly, Kelly, Betty Beall, Betty Staton, Katherine Harriston and Lois Himus were at the station. Few interesting people on the train.

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Aug 2, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Los Angeles

[we skip ahead several days, the train ride evidently nothing to write about]


August 2, Los Angeles, cool and foggy
Arrived about 8:45 and went straight to St. Paul’s hotel where Dr. Lovelace met us. Went to Bullocks-Wilshire with Potts relative and bought writer outfit. Lunch with Dr. Lovelace. Then went to a wonderful party at the Tidwell – lots of Waco people. Horace Williams and I went out and played. zebraroom2 Saw all the sights and had such fun. Went to the Zebra Room and the Beverly-Wilshire.


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Aug 3, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Leaving L.A.

hollywood_brown_derby_1952 August 3, L.A. and Wilmington, bright and cool
Bob Darden came in and took me to lunch at the Brown Derby. Had such fun with him – then he took me to the boat. Lots of people there to see us off, but I scarcely got to see them. Wonderful time leaving – Hawaiian music and streamers and excitement. Had champagne cocktails with Mr. Fleishman then dinner and to bed.

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Aug 4, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

San Francisco

August 4, San Francisco, cold

[on board the S.S. Mariposa]
Docked about 3:00. We went in town and bought tickets and went to the Top of the Mark Hopkins for cocktails. Met Mr. Fleishman and he took us to dinner at the St. Francis. Then Esther and I went to the show “Anna Christie” with Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman was actually not in 'Anna Christie'. It starred Greta Garbo in her first English-speaking 'talkie'. . Very good.

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Aug 5, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

San Francisco

August 5, San Francisco
Slept late and had lunch on the boat. Went into town and went on a sight seeing tour – Oakland, Berkley and Piedmont. Met some nice people on the bus. Came back to the ship for supper and then went to the War Memorial Auditorium for the Russian Ballet and it was marvelous!

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Aug 6, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Leaving San Francisco Aboard S.S. Mariposa

mariposa-poster August 6, San Francisco and sailing, fair and foggy later
Went into town after lunch and did some shopping at I. Magnin and (?) Bros. Came back to the boat and sailed around 5:00. Had champagne cocktail with Esther and then supper and what with the fog and rough sailing, I didn’t feel too good. Went to the movie and to bed.

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Aug 7, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

On Board S.S. Mariposa, day 2

August 7, 1 day out, still cool
Horse races at 11:00. Won a little and met some people. Played ping-pong with Mrs. Virginia Connell, Dan Eddy [Donn Eddy on ship’s manifest] and Bob Danby. Drinks afterward. Bridge with them after lunch, then tea. Cocktails with them before supper, then Keno and dancing. Lots of fun with them.

Here is a video about the Matson Line ships, of which the Mariposa was one:


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Aug 8, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

On Board S. S. Mariposa, Day 3

August 8, 2nd day out, warmer and fair
Horse races again, then shuffle board with Virginia, Don (Weeder) and Mr. Matthews. Learned to play cribbage with Dan after lunch, then tea. Cocktails with them again and then a rotten movie after supper. Dancing afterwards. Still lots of fun.

horseracing Here is another video – this one on board the Lurline that is probably not unlike what mother experienced. Plus it has an explanation of the horse racing she mentions:



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Aug 9, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Another Beautiful Day on board

August 9, 3rd day out, beautiful
Horse races – then sat in smoking room and played games ‘till lunch – like “Hello”. Cribbage with Dan then swimming. Cocktails with Esther, Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker and Mr. Fleishman. After the Keno game we joined theirs and others tables. Don finally came over and I joined his table and after music stopped, party moved to bar and then to smoking room and lasted till 2:00, grand fun!

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Aug 10, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

4th Day Out

August 10, 4th day out, beautiful
Got up and went swimming with Don. Good sun and water. Played cribbage with him before lunch and wrote letters after. Virginia C. and I played in the bridge tournament – I lost, she won. The 4 of us and Luther took pictures and played ‘till cocktail time. Don brought us some perfumes. Mr. Fleishman and the Whitakers gave cocktail party too so quite a bit of fun. Had dinner at Don’s table – packed- then danced. Bob wouldn’t play with us – found out he was worried!

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