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Aug 7, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

On Board S.S. Mariposa, day 2

August 7, 1 day out, still cool
Horse races at 11:00. Won a little and met some people. Played ping-pong with Mrs. Virginia Connell, Dan Eddy [Donn Eddy on ship’s manifest] and Bob Danby. Drinks afterward. Bridge with them after lunch, then tea. Cocktails with them before supper, then Keno and dancing. Lots of fun with them.

Here is a video about the Matson Line ships, of which the Mariposa was one:


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Aug 8, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

On Board S. S. Mariposa, Day 3

August 8, 2nd day out, warmer and fair
Horse races again, then shuffle board with Virginia, Don (Weeder) and Mr. Matthews. Learned to play cribbage with Dan after lunch, then tea. Cocktails with them again and then a rotten movie after supper. Dancing afterwards. Still lots of fun.

horseracing Here is another video – this one on board the Lurline that is probably not unlike what mother experienced. Plus it has an explanation of the horse racing she mentions:



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Aug 9, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Another Beautiful Day on board

August 9, 3rd day out, beautiful
Horse races – then sat in smoking room and played games ‘till lunch – like “Hello”. Cribbage with Dan then swimming. Cocktails with Esther, Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker and Mr. Fleishman. After the Keno game we joined theirs and others tables. Don finally came over and I joined his table and after music stopped, party moved to bar and then to smoking room and lasted till 2:00, grand fun!

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Aug 10, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

4th Day Out

August 10, 4th day out, beautiful
Got up and went swimming with Don. Good sun and water. Played cribbage with him before lunch and wrote letters after. Virginia C. and I played in the bridge tournament – I lost, she won. The 4 of us and Luther took pictures and played ‘till cocktail time. Don brought us some perfumes. Mr. Fleishman and the Whitakers gave cocktail party too so quite a bit of fun. Had dinner at Don’s table – packed- then danced. Bob wouldn’t play with us – found out he was worried!

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Aug 22, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

More of the Same

Went to the hospital to see Virginia and get throat swabbed. Dashed to PO and to the boat and saw Don off. Had lunch and went shopping and went to the B.P. Got Esther and met bunch at the Pavillion Club. Went up to look at the house again. Date with Coon Dog. Went to the Moana (?) for drinks and to the Hawaiin Town for dancing. Got something to eat and home early – Coon Dog went to sleep on me again.

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Aug 26, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Trip Extended

Got up thinking we’d leave today but Norris called and said to try the office at Waikiki and they had reservations for the 8th so we decided to stay. Potts and I celebrated at the Royal with pineapples. Went out to tell Howard, and Roane gave us a bottle of champagne. Everyone at P Club about 5:00 – saw our boat go – haha. Date with Norris at 6:30 – at dinner with a bunch of the boys at his place. Had grand game of bridge – played records, danced, talked.

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