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Aug 2, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Los Angeles

[we skip ahead several days, the train ride evidently nothing to write about]


August 2, Los Angeles, cool and foggy
Arrived about 8:45 and went straight to St. Paul’s hotel where Dr. Lovelace met us. Went to Bullocks-Wilshire with Potts relative and bought writer outfit. Lunch with Dr. Lovelace. Then went to a wonderful party at the Tidwell – lots of Waco people. Horace Williams and I went out and played. zebraroom2 Saw all the sights and had such fun. Went to the Zebra Room and the Beverly-Wilshire.


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Aug 3, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Leaving L.A.

hollywood_brown_derby_1952 August 3, L.A. and Wilmington, bright and cool
Bob Darden came in and took me to lunch at the Brown Derby. Had such fun with him – then he took me to the boat. Lots of people there to see us off, but I scarcely got to see them. Wonderful time leaving – Hawaiian music and streamers and excitement. Had champagne cocktails with Mr. Fleishman then dinner and to bed.

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