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Aug 12, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

The Fun Begins in Earnest

lau_yee_chai August 12, Honolulu, ditto
Went out to Wheeler FieldWheeler Army Airfield was a primary target and site of the first attack on 7 December 1941, leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attacked the airfield to prevent the numerous planes there from getting airborne and engaging them. Most of the planes were destroyed, but 12 pilots assigned to the 15th Pursuit Group at Wheeler (predecessor of the 15th Air Base Wing) succeeded in getting their P-36 Hawk and P-40 Warhawk aircraft off the ground, engaged the enemy in furious dogfights, and scored some of the first American victories of World War II. and bought all our kitchen stuff. Got driver’s licenses. Date with Don. Had grand dinner at Lau Yee Chai’s with Whitakers. Then party at Alexander Young.

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Aug 16, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Air Revue, Gourds and Clubs

Got up early to go out to Wheeler Field to see the air revue – short. Got me a gourd and bought food. Came in and had lunch at Kau Kau’s. Went over to Pavillion Club for swim. Had supper at Club 13 – date with Coon Dog. Howard Williams along, Jean Cockrell & Potts and another club. Back to Club for dancing, then went to “Society Sally’s” for drinks after 12:00. Back to Club 13 for a little smooze (?) on the floor. I’m a hog about Coon Dog.

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Aug 22, 1941 - Hawaii 1941    No Comments

Golly, What a Party

Bought some cute vases for Bobby – then dashed downtown and bought some records and a book. Went to the beach and had a swell time. Had lunch with Esther, Mrs. Moore, Kelly Whitaker at The Tropics. Met Norris Stone at beach again and he bought me a couple drinks at the Outrigger Club and then walked home with me. Went to the ‘luau’ with Dick at Wheeler Field. Golly, what a party. Jean and I went in sarongs.

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